iA Writer 1.4.7655.28208 Crack Incl Serial Number [Latest]

iA Writer Crack

iA Writer Crack

iA Writer 1.4.7655.28208 Crack is a text editor that is developed by a design company. It is text editing software. It was initially developed for only iOS users, but now it can be used on android and desktops. Also, it provides an essential writing experience to its users. iA Writer is an award-winning text editor. That is very easy to use and the users enjoy it very much. This software is used by a half-million people all over the world. Its interface is designed minimally. That can easily cut out the noise.

iA Writer Crack is specially designed to help the user to focus on writing. The interface of the editor is like when you are writing something. It comes with a built-in focus system. The whole focus is on the current sentence. And the rest of the screen will be blurred. This feature enhances the focus of the User on its writing. There is no need to read out the whole manuals. You can also just open the application software and you can start typing. the interface of the editor is quite simple to use.

iA Writer Free Crack also shows the number of words that are written. And the number of paragraphs that are written. This software can limit the distractions of the user. Also, it can make the writing and editing of the text more efficient for the user. Which can make the use of the software easier. iA Writer Cracked is totally on the choice of the user that if he wants to focus on the specific line, specific paragraph, specific page, etc. You can settle the cursor according to your need. That is, you can set it in the middle, at the start, or the end of the page.

iA Writer Full Crack Key Features:

  • Simple but powerful

This software is simple and powerful. It comes with a proper set of powerful tools for writing and editing. This has no rulers, no other formatting bars. This software also provides you a cluttered environment for the users.

  • Discrete features

This software comes with the most powerful features, which are helpful for efficient working. Like it can highlight the texts. And it can also do content blocking.

  • Focused writing

This software comes with the ability to focus on a specific paragraph or sentence. That helps the user to keep the full focus on that spot. Also, it helps you to keep your hands on the keyboard. And the complete focus on the text in your mind. 

  • Complete ownership

When the user downloads the application. The one has complete ownership of it. That you don’t have to go through the rules, regulations, and subscriptions.

  • Managing files

You can easily manage your files. You can set the interface according to your needs. Also, you can rename the files. You can also add their shortcuts to the desktop. Certain files can be pinned. So that you can easily use or see them. 

  • Shareability

The document files that you prepare in this editor can be easily shared with anyone, through any media. The files can also be scheduled easily. 

  • Previewer

You can preview the files very easily. No matter if pdfs are large in size. You can easily preview them. You can copy the data and also paste it somewhere else.  

  • Advanced features

This software can highlight your text in different colors. So, that you can easily identify your mistakes such as weak verbs. Wrong spellings, structural errors, and reputations, etc. It is simply like hacking your syntax.

What’s New In iA Writer 1.4.7655.28208 Crack?

  • The style check is introduced now.
  • Editing skills are also improved.
  • Now you can also do web publishing with this iA editor. 
  • The style of the interface is proved. So, that it can be used on windows also. 
  • The option of syntax control is available. Individual scrolling is also available. 
iA Writer Crack
iA Writer Cracked Version


  • Predefined typography system
  • Multi-window option
  • Switched to the dark mode
  • Available in many languages
  • Create the backup


  • Some professional features are missing due to which some critics are there for this software. 


How the documents can be synced?

You can sync your documents very easily with one drive, google backup, dropbox, and other applications. By just selecting the file and upload them on other applications. 

Is there any 32-bit version of this software?

 The 32-bit version of this software is not available. The developers are really sorry for that.

Can an additional dictionary can be added?

Yes, you can add the extra dictionary for checking the spelling. This will be quite helpful. And this editor also supports the number of dictionaries. 

Do the copy of software can be purchased

Yes, you can buy a copy of the iA software. And you can also try it for free for a week. 

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System Requirements:

  • The system should have an iOS 5.0.
  • For windows, it should be 64-bit.
  • Windows7+ should be installed on the system.
  • For android, it should be lollipop 5.0.
  • For macOS, it should be macOS 10.11+.

Steps To Install iA Writer 1.4.7655.28208 Crack Full Latest:

  • How To Crack iA Writer 1.4 Latest
  • Download iA Writer from the download button
  • Extract the downloaded file
  • After extracting, Install It
  • Turn your computer firewall off
  • Restart your computer system
  • After restarting, copy its crack file
  • Paste it in the installation directory
  • Done…! Enjoy
  • Keep Sharing with your friends!!!


iA Writer Crack is a wonderful editing software as it comes with a proper set of powerful features. That is very easy to use. This software can do text encoding. iA Writer comes with an optimized typeface. And that can enhance the writing skills of the user. The environment that iA Writer Full Crack provides is very interactive and the user loves to work in it. You can also edit the whole document in a very efficient way. Like you can insert the tables, images, and other graphics in the document. You can sync your data files for further use. It can create an automatic backup of your files.

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